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  • Praxis: Practice of art, science or skill

    Since 1998, Praxis Resources is the team known for exceptional service and creative innovation.

    We serve businesses and individuals seeking electro-mechanical and electronic component maintenance, build, and product repair solutions.

    From Fortune 500 companies to innovators in emerging industries, Praxis Resources focuses on delivering the highest level of service and innovation to every relationship. Unlike many service providers who have regular programs and service models as offerings, the Praxis Resources team seeks to understand the unique requirements and service levels of each customer. Praxis delivers programs that provide innovative thought and the best fit or "Right Sourced" services designed for each client.

    “Right-Source” outsourcing services for repairs and manufacturing

    • MRO - Maintenance Repair Organization; Right Sourced repairs for commercial avionics.
    • Test cabinet and Control Cabinet Builds: assembly of customer designed Electronic Equipment cabinets. 
    • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Repair: level three repair of printed circuit boards.
    • Electronic Equipment Repair and Maintenance Solutions:  maintenance programs designed to meet the most challenging operating requirements.
    • Low Volume Manufacturing; Manufacturing of custom and single instance builds to lower volume production runs.

    Please contact us to discuss your needs and to help us understand how we may apply our experience and ideas for streamlining your projects. Our "Right-Sourcing" philosophy ensures you that we are bringing our best ideas to your unique service needs.


    Control Cabinets Assembly and Cable Assemblies

    "Best-Fit" Outsourcing

    Test System Development and Assembly

    Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design and Repair

  • What We Do!


    “Right-Source” OutSourcing services for Electro-Mechanical and Electronic Component Maintenance, Build, and Repair


    "Right Source"



    Our roots lie here, we started out as an avionics repair center, and aviation maintenance continues to be a significant part of our service offering. We partner with all of the major United States Air Carriers as well as many of the critical parts distribution centers, and aviation clients around the world.

    With our history of success and our years of aviation maintenance work, we continue to expand into other industries providing custom solutions and innovation.

    "Right Source"


    In our low volume manufacturing area, we deliver projects from one-off special builds to smaller volume production projects of up to 1,200 pieces per month. In our typical project our customers provide us with complete build prints and let us do the rest. We typically include a program to procure all the materials, assembly or manufacture the item to exact specifications and perform our internal quality verifications. We will also design and/or perform all required testing and certification.


    Praxis Resources is adept at providing low volume assembly/manufacturing of electro/mechanical items ranging from cables and harnesses to large electronic control cabinets. We often fabricate products to customers’ build specifications. We specialize in taking on those projects that are often considered "too small" for the large corporate contract manufacturing firms.


    Praxis provides "Right-Sourcing" services for repairs to your electronics.​

    It's a business and operational reality that industrial and critical product electronics are subject to electrical and mechanical wear and eventual failure.

    Praxis Resources can troubleshoot, repair or refurbish your electronic components. We can be your one-stop shop for your warranty or refurbished electronic needs.

    Praxis Resources creates well-defined and efficient maintenance programs that can reduce the risk of failure, increase valuable component life, and lower the expense of logistics and reporting. Most importantly, keep your business and customers running smoothly.


    Praxis Resources can help you create an electronics maintenance plan and program for your specific needs.

    • Troubleshoot
    • Repair including PCB
    • Software upgrades
    • Firmware upgrades
    • Testing

    Contract Manufacturing

    From cables and harnesses to large electronic cabinets Praxis Fabricates products to customers’ build specifications

    • Mechanical assembly
    • Electrical wiring/routing
    • Wire preparation/termination and 
    • Electrical/mechanical blueprint reading

    Avionics Services

    We began in Avionics and are proud of the long-standing partnerships with most US and many, international airlines carriers.

    • Circuit card evaluation and repair
    • Experienced in level 3 repairs
    • FAA/EASA Repair Station #O3WR1380
    • Radio class 1 and 2
    • Accessory class 2 and 3
    • Limited Radio 3 and Accessory 1

    Custom Solutions

    We translate conceptual ideas into successful products​

    • We built Praxis Resources on customer service skills, design skills, and the art of engineering. We work with Industry leaders and the tinkerers, dreamers, and problem solvers.
    • Praxis resources can help your company design a “Right-Source” custom solution to your electro/mechanical needs. We can work with you to repair or build your items that bring together your high-quality standards, and that meet cost and time or service level requirements

    • Mechanical  Equipment Assembly
    • Electrical wiring/routing
    • Wire preparation/termination
    • Highly complex Cables
    • Wiring Harnesses
    • Electrical/mechanical blueprint reading
    • Software installation
    • Firmware installation
    • Build to Print
    • Cables
    • Harnesses
    • Test Equipment Cabinets
    • Control Cabinets
    • Interface Boxes
    • Complex fully integrated test racks
    • Load Banks
    • Solar Invertors

    Box Build, Systems Integration, and Test​

    • Electronic / Electromechanical
    • Variety of enclosure (sheet metal / cast / plastic)
    • Racks and Enclosures
    • Power control and power conversion
    • Precision mechanical
    • Motion control
    • Vacuum and hydraulics sub-systems
    • RF technology
  • Our Philosophy

    Since 1998 we have built our reputation on:


    We base our reputation on providing a continued track record of service quality, product reliability, performance excellence, performance measurement, and long-standing customer partnerships.

    Customer Care

    We believe our clients deserve responsiveness, open communication, dedicated account management, and a customer focused team. We measure our success by our customer’s belief that we are working to achieve their goals.


    We have a focus on modern and innovative Electronics and Electro-mechanical solutions across industries. Our clients value Praxis Resources as a partner who consistently delivers innovation and superior solutions.

    We believe we can assist our customers in assessing the quality and cost of their current service levels and provide options to enhance quality, efficiency, and predictability.

    Cost Efficiency

    We know that cost is a major factor in creating and evaluating long-term relationships. We believe that a clear focus on total cost, cost efficiency, asset management, and streamlined services benefit everyone.

    General Offerings

    Our offerings includes:

    • Box build
    • System assembly
    • Repair and Maintenance Solutions
    • Logistics
    • Cost reduction services and outsourcing
    • Test system development
    • Prototyping
    • New product introduction (NPI)
    • Printed circuit board (PCB) assembly
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