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  • From Fortune 500 companies to innovators in emerging industries, Praxis Resources focuses on delivering the highest level of service and innovation to every relationship.


    We Call this "RightSourcing."



    We serve businesses and individuals seeking Electro-Mechanical and Electronic Component,Build to Print, Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS), Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) and Product Repair


    Since 1998, Praxis Resources is the team known for exceptional service and creative innovation.


  • Praxis Resources

    Praxis: Practice of art, science or skill

    Unlike many service providers who have standard programs and service models as offerings, the Praxis Resources team seeks to understand the unique requirements and

    service levels of each customer.

    Praxis delivers programs that provide innovative thought and the best fit or

    "Right Sourced" services designed for each client.


    The Praxis Resources philosophy is to


    Electronic Repairs And Manufacturing services


    • Avionics Repair Station 
    • Build to Print Manufacturing
    • MRO - Maintenance Repair Organization; Right Sourced repairs for commercial avionics.
    • Test cabinet and Control Cabinet Builds: assembly of customer designed Electronic Equipment cabinets. 
    • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Repair: level three repair of printed circuit boards.
    • Electronic Equipment Repair and Maintenance Solutions:  support programs designed to meet the most challenging operating requirements.
    • Low Volume Manufacturing; Manufacturing of custom and single instance builds to lower volume production runs.
    • Electronics Manufacturing Services ( EMS )

    Please contact us to discuss your needs and to help us understand how we may apply our experience and ideas for streamlining your projects. Our "Right-Sourcing" philosophy ensures you that we are bringing our best ideas to your unique service needs.

    Control Cabinets Assembly and Cable Assemblies

    "Best-Fit" Outsourcing

    Test System Development and Assembly

    Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design and Repair

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